Frequently Ask questions

I heard about a topical botox, something that you just apply to the skin. How does this work?

Derma Vital does offer a topical wrinkle filler. We use Skeyndor's Corrective treatment. Corrective is a treatment that will relax the muscles in the skin (in a similar way to Botox). The result is an intense smoothing effect on the deepest wrinkles. Wrinkles disappear gradually and naturally after the first few sessions.

We also offer the supporting cosmetics for you to use at home Corrective Instant Wrinkle Filler Cream, Corrective Eye Expression Lines Erase, Corrective Expression Lines Serum and Corroective Instant Lip Countour Filler.





What services do you offer for men?

All our services are available to men! From acne management and laser hair removal to anti-aging treatments; from skin rejuvenation to deep relaxation. We have many male clients, from actors and athletes to models and businessmen; young men and older men who want to improve their skin, men with injuries or chronic conditions that require accelerated healing and pain management.

How is men's skin different than women's skin? Do I need something different for my skin than my wife?

An excellent question! Men’s skin is 30% thicker and 20% harder than women's. It has a better ability to stay hydrated and protect itself. Men’s skin also more collagen content! This results in firmer skin that takes longer to wrinkle! (Darn men!) The weak point in men's skin is that once the aging process starts, it develops at a very quick pace. It also produces 75% more oil than women's skin, and this means a higher chance of shiny skin and imperfections.

What is the general cost of a service at Derma Vital?

We price by personalized treatment plan, rather than per procedure. It works out to be a much better deal for you! We invite you to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation, or if you know what you want already, just give us a call or email.