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Chemical Peels

SilkPeel ™

Get younger and more radiant looking skin with Derma Vital's Silkpeel by Clarion. This non-invasive exfoliation will leave your skin feeling fresher and better-looking. SilkPeel is safe and painless, allowing you to achieve optimum results on an accelerated basis without the complications and discomfort usually associated with invasive procedures. Get healthier, younger looking skin: painless, soothing treatment, delivers instant results, and lasting skin improvement.

DermaPeel ™

DermaPeel is a cosmeceutical treatment developed to offer an intense deep cleaning similar to peeling treatments done in medical clinics.

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Pristine ™ Microdermabrasion

The most advanced microdermabrasion treatment for the face and body. Using genuine laser-cut diamond-tip applicators, Pristine exfoliates the skin surface while a gentle suction feature stimulates the production of collagen& elastin and improves blood circulation. Your skin will look and feel clean, fresh and rejuvenated from the very first treatment.

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Facial Treatments

Deep Cleansing

With derma peel gel, ideal for rejuvenating the skin to make you appear more youthful.

Chemical Peel

The treatment for deep exfoliation and skin renewal. Dermapeel is designed to rejuvenate the skin, obtaining a softer, more even skin tone. Obtain faster, more long lasting results.

Vitamin C Brightening

POWER C+ the most powerful anti-oxidant combination ever created by Skeyndor. The perfect alliance between the lightening strength of Vitamin C and the anti-ageing power of pomegranate extract for visibly rejuvenated skin. A Facial that creates Radiance and less Wrinkles.


The first cosmetic with a global and long-lasting regenerative effect for use in anti-age treatments. Using Nano-Liposomes from stem cells of plant origin ETERNAL promote new cell growth, protects from environmental stress ie. Stress, UV Pollution, smoking. ETERNAL increases the longevity of your skin cells by delaying skin ageing.


The CORRECTIVE treatment corrects wrinkles and expression lines. Acts on muscles contractions to achieve a more intense, long-lasting, lifting effect. Increases the skin volume and effectively fills in the empty spaces that give rise to wrinkles. Stimulates the skin to rejuvenate and normalize your overall appearance.

Chemical Peel

A Jessner peel is a popular medium-depth chemical peel that works to improve skin health by helping remove and heal skin damage that is more extensive than regular “wear and tear.” This skin care treatment is stronger than most chemical peels.

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