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Reaching VIB Rouge status at Sephora means two things

Reaching VIB Rouge status at Sephora means two things 1. I spend waaaay too much on cosmetics and 2. I am now eligible to receive super amazing perks. I recently got an e-mail inviting me to a private sale where everything in store was 15% off. Well, naturally I took this opportunity to splurge a little and get some new goodies! I am absolutely in love with the products that I purchased and could not wait to blog about them.

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When this shopping spree came around, I didn't necessarily need anything but I convinced myself that I did. I love getting new products and adding to my make-up collection. Since there was a discount available, I decided to buy things that I normally wouldn't. I ended up getting the Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, Make Up For Ever Step 1 Equalizer Mattifying Primer, Benefit They're Real Mascara, and Vita Liberata Self Tanning Tinted Mouse.

I first saw this Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick as a potential item in the monthly Ipsy bags. Of course I wasn't lucky enough to get this in my bag but it was worth buying anyways! I am usually skeptical about liquid lipsticks because they never seem to be pigmented enough. However, this new lip product certainly changed my mind. I swatched pretty much every colour on my wrist and every single shade was just as pigmented as the next. From the lightest shades to the darkest shades, the colour pay off was incredible. For the first time ever, the colour that is displayed on the packaging actually resembles the colour of the product. I got a dark violet colour and I am absolutely obsessed. I tried it on in store and I swear it lasted all day after one application. I even went to Starbucks to sip on a latter and barely any lipstick residue was left behind on the lid. I definitely recommend this product! The line caters to everyone and offers everything from neutral shades to bright and vibrant shades!

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders have always been on my wish list. However, since highlighters we're not a part of my typical beauty routine, I could not justify spending $52.00 on something that I may not even appreciate. Due to the sale I told myself, "today is the day where you will splurge on this gorgeous highlighter." Although I had my mind on the single lighting powders, I came across this palette that was only about $10.00 more. Why get only 1 when you can get 3 for only $10.00 more am I right ladies? So not only is the packaging out of this world, but the highlighters create an amazing glow to your complexion. Without being glittery, these powders adapt to light to create a natural glow. I also discovered that the shade on the left can be used as an all over face powder for a natural, non-glittery finish. This is a luxury product for sure, but I believe that every girl needs a few, potentially unnecessary bit of glamour in their lives.

With summer just around the corner, and my super oily skin coming out to play, I hunted down a product that will keep my make-up at bay. I do have oily skin all year round but it presents itself with full force in the humid summer months. This leaves me looking like a sweaty mess with foundation melting off my face. (Not literally, but I'm sure some of you can feel my pain) I have not be able to fully experiment with this product yet since it has not been that hot out but the primer in general is very nice. I have always been a fan of Make Up For Ever products due to the fact that they are frequently used by make-up artists for very intense looks. Their products are always long lasting and deliver as promised, so I have high hopes. The primer is not thick and has kept me matte throughout my days. I will get back to you when I give it the true test in the brutal humidity that Ontario likes to deliver. Perhaps by then I will also find a product that keeps my hair from transforming into the fur of a poodle.

I swear to god I have a million different mascaras, all in sample size. Literally my mascara stock pile was getting out of hand and I needed to settle on a mascara that I really loved and was willing to buy full size. The reason I could never commit to one mascara is because it is the one product that brands are consistently coming out with new formulas for. From high-end to drug store, mascara has to be one of the most advertised products. Back around Christmas, I received the Sephora Superstars value set and a mini of this Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! mascara was inside. Although it is a little more old school then most mascaras available, I LOVE it. The formula is very wet and very black. I have naturally long eyelashes (not to brag) so I look for a mascara that gives me a full and dramatic look. This mascara does that. The brush isn't too complicated and instantly intensifies my lashes. The rounded tip of the brush is also very useful for separating the lashes, as well as tackling bottom lashes without them looking like spiders. The last, but not least, perk to this mascara is the long lasting wear. This stuff has separation anxiety and does not like to be washed away. For me, it takes an oil based eye make-up remover or some natural coconut oil to break this stuff up! This is not a complaint, but muscle is required for removal.

The last product I am going to speak of is another summer essential, or pre-summer I guess. I am pale as f**k. Not only am I pale, but it would take a miracle for my skin to tan, even in the sun. I am not one for tanning beds due to health reasons and I am not one for spray tans because I typically don't trust others when it comes to altering my appearance. Instead of laying out in the sun, bored, and probably not even developing a tan, I finally decided to invest in some sun-less tanner. I did some pretty extensive research on this and decided on Vita Liberata. Although brands like St. Tropez are probably most popular, I have heard that it has a very green undertone to it and also has a horrific smell. Since I am very fair, a green undertone would probably not be that flattering. At the store, I was reassured that this product leave no funky smell on the skin and leaves a nice natural glow. I have not tried it yet, I hope to be a bronze beauty soon enough! If you would like to know the results of this product and view before and after shots, leave a comment below!

This post was quite lengthy, but make-up is serious business! I really suggesting giving any of these products a try. They are all worth the investment and do not disappoint in their delivery. Leave a comment down below about any of your favourite beauty products!

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