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A brief foundation review.

I'm going to start off by stating that this will be a brief review on this lovely little product. Seriously, you've probably read/heard about this foundation and it's sexiness 1000 times already which means that you probably don't want to read/hear about what you already know again.

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So we's keepin' it short.

The funny thing is that I've actually purchased this foundation before with this time being the 3rd. I was hopeful for that " third time's a charm" typeathing because the first couple of attempts with True Match just weren't jiving.

Despite purchasing a couple of different shades, I couldn't get it right. I know that both times though, my skin was pretty uncooperative so that definitely makes a difference. Still, the coverage wasn't working for me and it was clinging to a lot of different areas on my face making the application uneven and patchy.

This time though.


I don't know what inspired me to buy it again. * It was probably the sale price of $9.99 that caught my eye* I figured, what the he'll my skin is pretty good [for the time being] and it's on sale, what have I got to lose?

other than $9.99?

Application Time

I alternate my Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki, my Sigma F50 Duo Fibre, and my Real Techniques Buffing brushes for applying foundation. All are great for this product as well.

Despite my usual method of applying a little bit of product at a time, I deposit more foundation than usual at once and work quickly, adding more as I go (if needed). I find this to be the best way to achieve the coverage and overall finish I'm looking for.

I purchased two bottles of the shade W4 Natural Beige and I find it to be a touch on the light-ish side. This is more evident when I've just applied self-tanner but it ends up looking great in the end so I'm not too bothered by it.

I sometimes mix a little bit of True Match with my Estee Lauder Double Wear and I absolutely love the finished look.

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