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June Jordan Essentials News!

This time of the year is a busy one for most people. If someone is concerned they might be too busy to host a 2 hour spa pampering, then a book party or online party fits in perfectly! They can be some of the best parties with lots of freebies for the hostess.

If you are looking for a tan this summer try our sunless tanner that is available in two shades. As a bonus for $19 you can purchase a coconut body scrub to exfoliate before using the sunless tanner. It was supposed to be a special with a $50 purchase but Nancy decided to allow customers to purchase the set for $19! We have had great testimonials from customers that the color is beautiful and doesn't make them orange.

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If you host an online party with me you receive extra benefits in addition to the wonderful hostess benefits Jordan has for hostesses! June, July, and August specials are here so I will start with the June specials flyer.

Do you experience problems in the summer heat with biting flies? How about ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes? The lemongrass citrus scent in the bath and body line has additional benefits of repelling those pesky insects. I like to highlight this scent since it just came out in the spring, and it is in a travel size along with the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner in oatmeal milk and honey scent.

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