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Is Professional Color Really Better Than Box Color?

Do you really think Sarah Jessica Parker colors her own hair with Garnier Hair Color? What about Diane Keaton, does she really use Loreal box color? The answer is NO!

In fact these women spend thousands of dollars a year on their hair. They don't spend the time every 6 to 8 weeks posted up on the bathroom sinks applying color. They simply get paid to be spokes models for these companies. They have stylists behind the scenes to make their hair look great. Believe me; their hair doesn't come from a $7.00 bottle from your local convenient store.

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Non-professional hair color will not give you the best results for your hair. Every person has different shades and undertones. Therefore, every client I color doesn't have the same shades or developers used on their hair. Professional hair color is mixed differently than the box color. There are times when it is necessary to mix a few different colors to make the perfect shades for each individual client. Then there are different volumes of developers to mix with the hair color. Unless you are a trained professional hair stylist how would you know the difference between 10 volume and 0 volume developers?

The price of box home color sounds nice but you never know what color your hair is really going to be once you are finished. Also, you are unsure of the damage that can be done to your hair. Then once you start to style your hair, you start to notice all the spots that you've missed, and fried ends due to damage. Its time to call a professional hair stylist and spend more money to get your hair fixed. There have been many times when clients have come in to have their hair fixed because the box home color turned their hair black when it was suppose to be a dark blonde or light brown. By that time they need a color correction which cost almost double what it would have if they had gone to a professional hair stylist in the beginning.

In the long run, it's less expensive to have a professional color your hair. That way you know it's done right with little to no damage done to the hair shaft. Plus you are guaranteed a beautiful color!

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