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Whether you want to treat yourself to a new fragrance or whether a friend or family member has a special occasion coming up and you think a new perfume would suit them well, we have a large range for you to choose from.

Fragrances are also a great gift to give because the recipient can enjoy the gift over and over again because with the right fragrance, they can get the right confidence to enjoy their day or feel gorgeous and sexy so they can go and enjoy their formal night out!

Just below, you will find an explanation of what you will find in this section so you can find what you want quickly.

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Celebrities - buying a perfume from your favourite celebrity or buying a family member a perfume from their favourite celebrity is always a great gift. This is something that they can use again and again and show the love for that person! The different celebrities we have in our women's fragrance section include J-Lo and Kim Kardashian.

These sents can be great choices for both casual and formal wear, depending on your choice.

Clothing - A lot of clothing companies are also starting to release their own perfumes and although these ones may bit a little bit pricier, they can be a great gift and can often be worn as a gorgeous fragrance for a more formal occasion. The different clothing companies we have in our fragrances include Ralph Lauren, Jimmy Choo, Prada, Juicy Couture, Vivienne Westwood, Hugo Boss, DKNY, Vera Wang and Prada.

Sports - you will also find that a lot of sports labels are bringing out their own fragrances and these can be nice for an every day scent. The different labels we have here include Lacoste.

These are not all of the items you will find in this section, so you want to make sure that you click through all of the pages so you can find what you need and view the whole range so you can take advantage of our deals.

The price range for our ladies fragrances section starts at 21.38 for our cheapest Ghost Deep Night and goes up to just 42.95 for our most expensive Vera Wang Princess. This means that whatever you are looking to buy, because of our large price range, you can buy exactly what you want without spending more than you want to.

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