Cosmetic Treatments – Maintain + Renew + Restore

Calgary Skin Care Clinic offers a variety of specialized skin treatments to reduce wrinkles including microdermabrasion, facials and chemical peels.

Our experienced skin care specialists will analyze your skin and recommend which treatments
will meet your goals to MAINTAIN, RENEW AND RESTORE your skin’s radiance.


eDermastamp® for Collegen Induction Therapy

eDermastamp® Collagen Induction Therapy is a treatment that will promote skin repair and reduce the appearance of aging, wrinkles, scars, & stretch marks.  Known, as the gold standard of micro-needling, this therapy is a successful treatment for combating the common concerns of aging skin. eDermastamp ® triggers the body’s spontaneous healing process, stimulating cell proliferation which causes the formation of new collagen and visibly younger looking skin.  SEE TREATMENT VIDEO

eDermastamp® for Hair Regrowth

eDermastamp by Dermaroller ® is also an excellent treatment used to prevent hair loss and promote hair regrowth.  The eDermastamp micro needles infuses therapeutic ingredients into the scalp.  These ingredients rejuvenate hair follicles, block DHT and help the hair grow thicker and healthier.  About 8 weekly treatments are required for optimal results. Most people notice improvement during the course of a 2-3 months treatment period.   Results can be maintained post treatment by using XcellarisPro hair lotion. This powerful combined in-clinic/at home scalp treatment, is designed to create optimal conditions for improving hair structure.


Pristine ™ Microdermabrasion
Our Calgary skin care clinic offers state-of-the art medical grade diamond-tip Pristine Skin Resurfacing System uses a diamond-tipped wand to provide gentle exfoliation. Our procedure will leave your skin feeling smooth and renewed.


Specialized facial treatments are designed to address specific conditions such as aging, sun damage and acne or pregnancy. Featuring Viver™ cosmeceuticals, medically based formulations utilizing alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, retinol, antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals.

WE OFFER: Deep Cleansing *Vitamin C Brightening * Younger by Tonight


Skin TX Jessner Plus
Book an appointment to visit our Calgary skin care clinic.  Restore your skin with a quick and safe professional resurfacing procedure that will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help diminish age spots and acne. Skin TX Jessner Plus Peel will significantly improve the appearance of your skin.

Derma Peel
Derma Peels are a quick, virtually painless process that involves applying the chemical to the target area, which penetrates the outer two to three layers of skin. This usually only takes five minutes to complete, and no preconditioning of the skin is needed prior to treatment. Within three to five days, the dead skin should begin to peel, revealing the younger, healthier skin underneath. Derma Peels are most commonly used to treat the face, neck, chest, and hands.

SilkPeel Dermal Infusion
Our Calgary Skin Care clinic also offers the DERMALINFUSION Silk Peel, a patented non-invasive, 3-in-1 dermatological treatment that simultaneously exfoliates, extracts and infuses skin with condition-specific serums for an all-inclusive treatment in one step.  It is the first and only critically-timed, exfoliation-to-serum treatment technology with optimal-depth delivery for immediate and long-lasting results on all skin types with no down time.


50% off SERVICES

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Customized Packages with Payment Plans

We offer a variety of effective anti-aging and rejuvenation services that can be customized into an affordable package. Payment plans at low interest rates are available upon request for packages valued over $2,000.

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